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Dr. Ryan Warren



Dr. Ryan Warren is a Pettibon Institute spinal corrective Chiropractor. Dr. Warren attended Arkansas State University Mountain Home and The University of Central Arkansas where he studied Human Biology. Dr. Warren was on the Chancellor’s list and Vice Chancellor’s list at during his undergraduate education. He finished his undergraduate education at Logan University in St. Louis, Missouri earning a B.S. in Human Biology. Dr. Warren then continued into the graduate program at Logan University where he earned his Doctorate. During his 4 years in attendance he attended many seminars and classes to better understand how the body functions and what it needs to function correctly. During his final year Dr. Warren embarked on a mission trip to Africa where he treated approximately 1000 local people. There Dr. Warren witnessed several chiropractic miracles, including the restoration of a man’s vision after he adjusted his Atlas. Dr. Ryan knows that every-BODY is designed to function well and heal but cannot do so when there is subluxation present in the spine. He takes this approach when it comes to treating every patient here in NWA. 



Fun facts about Dr. Warren


  • Dr. Warren taught anatomy class in the cadaver lab to Nurses, EMT’s, and Massage Therapists while he was in grad school.

  • Dr. Warren grew up racing motocross with his dad and brother in Texas. He was 3rd overall when he was on an 85cc. Dr. Warren competed in one final Arenacross race in 2013 and placed 2nd before retiring from the sport to further his education. 

  • Dr. Warren is commonly mistaken for the UFC fighter “Connor McGregor” out in public.

  • Dr. Warren has always wanted to be a "Bone Doctor" since he was young. 

  • Dr. Warren has been married to his lovely wife Andrea since 2013 and they have 4 kids! Adriane, Rhett, Gracen, and Blake.

Julie Girenko

Julie is WFC's office manager. She will handle getting you scheduled, getting you acclimated to our office, verifying your insurance, or anything else you need to make you feel welcome.


Julie is originally from Washington state. She's into fitness and does photography on the side!


Fun fact: She is Russian! So, if you ask her, she may just speak some for you! 

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At WFC we are results driven! Every patient has different needs. It is important every patient is treated to their individual needs, goals, and expectations for the best results. There is no “one size fits all” treatment here. At Warren Family Chiropractic patients are thoroughly examined with state-of-the-art technology developed by a NASA scientist. If necessary digital hospital grade x-rays are taken to get to the root cause of the problem. Treatment consists of the most up to date spinal corrective care and spinal rehabilitation protocols around. With the protocols, procedures, and systems WFC follows you can STOP and REVERSE aging in the spine!  

Our main goal is to transform healthcare. We have an option for every avenue of care from spinal corrective care, to dietary changes and counseling, custom posture exercise programs, and at home spinal rehabilitation. 


The word “Doctor” actually means “Teacher”. At WFC we are committed to teaching the community what is means to be healthy and how to stay healthy.  WFC holds in house workshops and classes available to anyone in the community on today’s most important healthcare topics.


I was diagnosed with a 55 degree scoliosis as a kid and was given 6 months to live. I had surgery but have had daily pain for over 20 years. I now know what it's like to live without daily pain!

~ Steven M.



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